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2016 Volvo FH540 8x2 Crane truck with HMF 85 t/m, jib and front support

EUR 230 400


  • Yearly inspected until: 31.10.2023
  • Crane: Sertified.
  • Km: Approx. 115.000
  • Engine: 540 hp, Euro 6
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Suspension: Steel - Air
  • Tires: OK/worn
  • Crane: HMF 8520-OK6 with FJ 2000 K6 jib.
  • Internal length plan: Approx. 6.35 m
  • Front support leg
  • Hub reduction
  • Stainless steel toolboxes
  • Blinkers on roof
  • Extra high beam on roof
  • VBG Trailer hitch with air servo
  • Wide Load signs
  • Rear bed extraction
  • LED Work Light
  • Roof rack with extra work light at the back of the cabin
  • Camera
  • Arrangement for straps on the front wall
  • Extra work light inside front wall
  • Combilashings in floor
  • Lashings in sideframes

Crane truck with 85 t/m crane, jib and front support leg.
Stainless steel toolboxes and rear bed extraction.
Blinkers on roof, and roof rack with extra work light at the back of the cabin.
Damage and defects can be found, see pictures.

Delivery by agreement.

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